Elizabeth Bienas


Elizabeth Bienas is a Lemon Dropper, copywriter, lettering artist, and pizza connoisseur known for her hilarious jokes and love for hip-hop. Growing up in Buffalo, NY, Elizabeth aspired to be a business woman with a big office and an assistant to bring unlimited milkshakes. Seeing her father, aunt, and both sets of grandparents run successful businesses inspired her to study marketing and e-business in college. After 15 boring years in the insurance industry, Elizabeth left to pursue a job with the Lemon Droppers and start her own small business. Having done countless side-hustles over the years, this felt like a natural fit. Elizabeth lives in Seattle, WA with her husband Adam #TheRocketScientist. As the Vice President of Operations, she helps run all things Lemon Droppers and Lindsay Teague Moreno. In addition to her Young Living team, Elizabeth also has a creative business where she hand letters all the things. Business is her lifeblood, but art is what keeps her going. In her spare time Elizabeth likes lifting weights, eating pizza, huffing Valor, deep couch sitting, and reading.

As the resident writer for the Lemon Droppers, Elizabeth will be teaching "Write 4 Sales" this year - a course on creating effective sales copy for your business.

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