Alana Bookhout


Idea Girl. Inspirational Quote-aholic. Butter Obsessed. Comedic Wannabe.

Alana lives in a Nerf gun war zone, with her 2 scooter-riding boys and her #amazeballs husband of 12 years.

She's achieved a lot, including that Hula Hoop contest back in the day; but motherhood is her biggest and best accomplishment. Even though becoming a mom was a dream-come-true, she lost herself and began to suffer from the 'just' syndrome. Alana had tossed other dreams and aspirations aside; and for several years felt like she would only ever be 'just' a mom.

Determined to overcome the 'just' syndrome, she pursued the YL biz opportunity. Heart and hustle in relationship marketing has brought about financial and time freedoms that allow her to reach more goals and dreams. Alana is not 'just' a diamond in Young Living, she's a dream catcher, and she loves helping others catch theirs.

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